Atex pumps and accessories

​for the pumping of leachate, hydrocarbons and contaminated liquids

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy)

Officine di Trevi Since 1968

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy), supplies ATEX certified for hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2 electric submersible pumps suitable for several applications, mainly in landfills, remediation processes, Oil&Gas rigs, hydraulic barriers in refineries and general contaminated sites, suitable for the pumping of leachate, hydrocarbons and polluted liquids.

The company supplies pumps and relative accessories for the control and monitoring of liquids on site (control panels, level regulators, level transmitters, flow meters, flow switches)

Landfill liquids and groundwater in contaminated sites really pollutants

Officine di Trevi offers a wide range of products and All-In-One solutions for the management and control of pumping points on site (in-situ) with the purpose of offering a solution for the monitoring data storage and their consultation, with the possibility of analysing data and creating statistics. The system permits to display, control and remotely manage extraction points with a considerable cost saving of site.

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